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The Malawi Girl Guides Association is strictly a voluntary, non-political, non-religious and self-governing. It is open to all girls and young women without distinction of creed, race, nationality, or any other circumstances. Anyone who belongs to MAGGA accepts the “PROMISE” and “THE GUIDE LAW” of the Movement which are based on the spiritual and moral values, personal development and commitment to helping others.


“To enable girls and young women (3-25 years) to develop socially, emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, economically and culturally so that they become responsible and useful citizens of Malawi.”


“A population of Malawian girls and young women that is empowered to realize their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the country.”


  • To give girls and young women the opportunity for self -training in the development of good character and service to others based on the spiritual and moral values according to the principles embodied in “The promise” and The Guide Law “ as laid down by the founder Lord Baden Powell”
  • To encourage girls and young women to undergo skills training with the aim of making them economically independent.
  • To foster among girls and young women love of their country and develop in them an interest in Agriculture, Home craft, Health, Social Services, Nature and Culture.
  • To encourage National and International goodwill, peace and understanding among girls and young women in this country and the whole world. To promote strategies for prevention of HIV/STIs and other Sexual and Reproductive Health issues affecting girls and young women.
  • To advocate for protection of children, girls and young women against all forms of Discrimination and Exploitation/Abuse
  • To foster collaboration with key players and stakeholders dealing with girls and young women educational issues
  • To advocate for and promote strategies for care and support for the orphans, other vulnerable children and the aged
  • To empower girls and young women to get involved at all levels of decision-making.